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What makes your site better than all the others?
Theorytest.net provides users with the total theory test revision package, with our unique theory test software users are able to access the Full Official Practice DSA Question bank for both cars and motorcycles, store all their results online allowing them to access a full statistics package comprising of graphical analysis and tables not to mention all questions and answers are fully professionally narrated for just that bit more!

Can you tell us more about your Hazard Perception Software?
Our hazard perception software has been created to help learner drivers become more aware while driving, we have recorded all our footage with new widescreen technology for a more realistic view which will help learner drivers improve their road sense.

I'm using AOL and I can't view the Hazard Perception clips, what shall I do?
aol icon The AOL browswer does not support our hazard perception software, if you are using AOL connect to the internet as usual however you can simply use Internet Explorer ie icon

I'm no good with road signs, how can you help me?
We have a test designed just for you! Our road sign test allows you to practice just road and traffic signs improving your knowledge every step of the way, also we have the relevant sections from the highway code available for viewing under the "Highwaycode" section of our website.

How can I monitor my results to see how I am improving?
Our extensive statistic software is able to give you a break down of all the tests you have taken, you are able to view individual tests results along with a category break down, graphical progress charts and an overall pass rate.

I think I'm ready, can I book my theory test on your site?
Sure! Just fill in our "Book your theory test" form and one of our dedicated admin team will contact you with the relevant information.

Do you use the new Theory Test Practice Question Bank?
Yes! We only use the very newest Official Practice DSA Theory Test Question Bank, this comprises of 1200+ questions for the Car & Motorcycle Theory Tests. Valid for tests taken from September 1st 2011 and onwards. Please be aware of other websites using partial or even outdated theory test question banks.

I can't view the Hazard Perception Clips, what might cause this?
Please ensure you have the latest flash player available free of charge, this will need to be installed before you can view our flash video files.

If you already have the latest player and are still having problems, you may be using an incompatable browser or your cache memory may be full. Please refer to the "problems completing a Mock Test" section on how to deal with this issue.

I am having problems logging in, how can i fix this?
Please check your initial support email which you received when you signed up to the site, this will contain your username and password. Please ensure you are typing in the username and password exactly as you did when signing up.

You may if you wish to do so, reset your password, follow the on screen instructions if you still have problems please use our support form and one of our support team will help you.

I am having problems completing a Mock Test. How can I fix this?
Please make sure you have cookies and pop-ups enabled for use on the site, or else you may not be able to access some features in the site. If you cannot turn off your pop-up blocker, please try accessing the tests and other features from the pop-up free page.

If you are using a Mac, we are currently unaware of any issues.

Another known issue is when your cache memory is full. When browsing the internet, your browser will store files for temporary display such as images and pages which you have visited. This is designed to speed up your experience on the internet by not having to constantly reload the same pages from scratch.

Your computer provides a limited amount of space for its cache, and the tests and hazard perception clips on this site sometimes require more then is currently available. Normally this is cleared automatically depending on the internet settings; however, manually clearing your cache will generally resolve the issue. Click here for an on screen presentation on how to delete your temporary Internet files

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