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An explanation of the rules and wording found in The Highway Code


Rules for pedestrians, first aid on the road and more..

Powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters

Using the road, road users requiring extra care and more..

Horse riders and animals

Rules about animals, road users requiring extra care and more..


Rules for cyclists, you and your bicycle, first aid on the road and more..


Rules for motorcyclists, motorcycle licence requirements, driving in adverse weather conditions and more..

Drivers and riders

Rules for drivers, waiting and parking, breakdowns and incidents, safety code for new drivers and more..

Signs and markings

Signals to other road users, warning signs, signals by authorised persons and more..

1-35: Rules for pedestrians

Crossing the road, bus and cycle lanes, situations needing extra care and more..

47-58: Rules about animals

Horse drawn vehicles, horse riders, other animals and more..

59-82: Rules for cyclists

Clothing, road junctions, roundabouts and more..

83-88: Rules for motorcyclists

Daylight riding, riding in the dark, manoeuvring and more..

89-102: Rules for drivers and motorcyclists

Fitness to drive, alcohol and drugs, seat belts and child restraints, children in vehicles and more..

103-158: General rules, techniques and advice for all drivers and riders

Signals, lighting requirements, control of the vehicle, speed limits and more..

159-203: Using the road

Overtaking, road junctions, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings and more..

204-225: Road users requiring extra care

Pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists, other vehicles and more..

226-237: Driving in adverse weather conditions

Wet, icy and snowy weather, driving in fog and more..

238-252: Waiting and parking

Controlled parking zones, loading and unloading, parking at night and more..

253-273: Motorways

Motorway signals, driving on the motorway, overtaking, stopping and more..

274-287: Breakdowns and incidents

Obstructions, incidents, documentation and more..

288-307: Road works, level crossings and tramways

Railway telephones, level crossings without traffic lights, tram stops and more..



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