Vehicle Markings

Vehicle Markings


Large goods vehicle rear markings

Motor vehicles over 7500 kilograms maximum gross weight and trailers over 3500 kilograms maximum gross weight
Lagre Vehicle Markings
The vertical markings are also required to be fitted to builders? skips placed in the road, commercial vehicles or combinations longer than 13 metres (optional on combinations between 11 and 13 metres)

Hazard warning plates

Certain tank vehicles carrying dangerous goods must display hazard information panels
A safety hazard sign showing flammable liquid Dangerous Goods Panel
The panel illustrated is for flammable liquid. Diamond symbols indicating other risks include: The above panel will be displayed by vehicles carrying certain dangerous goods in packages
Compressed Gas Safety Sign Combustable Substance Safety Sign Oxidizing Substance Safety Sign
Non-flammable compressed gas Spontaneously conbustible substance Oxidizing substance
Toxic Substance Safety Sign Radioactive Substance Safety Sign Corrosive Substance Safety Sign
Toxic substances Radioactive substance Corrosive substance


Side Marker End Marker School Bus Sign
Side Marker End Marker School Bus (Displayed in front or rear window of vus or coach)
Both required when load or equipment (eg crane jib) overhangs front or rear by more than two metres




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