Signals By Authorised Persons

Police Officers


stop front stop both sides stop behind
Traffic approaching from the front Traffic approaching from both front and behind Traffic approaching from behind

To beckon traffic on

Side Forward Front Forward Behind Forward
From the side From the front From behind


Arm Signals To Person Controlling Traffic


straight on turn left turn right
I want to go straight on I want to turn left I want to turn right

*In Wales, bilingual signs appear onemergency services vehicles and clothing.

Vehicle and Operator Services Agency and Highways Agency Traffic Officers


These officers now have new powers to stop/direct vehicles and will be using hand signals and light signals similar to those used by police. You MUST obey any signals given (see Rules 107 and 108).


School Crossing Patrols


not ready stop barrier
Not ready to cross pedestrians Barrier to stop pedestrians crossing
ready to cross stop
Ready to cross pedestrians, vehicles must be prepared to stop All vehicles must stop




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