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Highway Code Information signs

Traffic signs: Information signs

All rectangular
A picture of a motorway and the word M62 inside a blue rectangle A picture of a camera inside a white rectangle The words Priority Over Oncoming Traffic in a white rectangle below a white arrow pointing up and a red arrow pointing down inside a blue rectangle A white vertical line with a red horizontal line across the top inside a blue square The letters H and A & E and the words Not 24 hours inside a red rectangle
Start of motorway and point from which motorway regulations apply
Area in which cameras are used to enforce traffic regulations
Traffic has priority over oncoming vehicles
No through road for vehicles
Hospital ahead with Accident and Emergency facilities
A picture of a motorway with a red diagonal line through it inside a blue square A picture of a motorbike in a white rectangle below the letter P inside a blue square A blue rectangle containing the words Low Bridge 2 miles ahead and two arrows pointing at the measurement 14 foot and 6 inches inside a red outlined circle The words Good Food in a white rectangle above a blue square containing the words Puddleworth Service half a mile,  petrol 65p and pictures of petrol pumps, a cup, a spoon and fork, a wheelchair, a bed and the letter I in a square An italic letter i in a white box with the words tourist information below all contained in a brown rectangle
End of motorway
Parking place for solo motorcycles
Advance warning of restriction or prohibition ahead
Motorway service area sign showing the operator's name
Tourist information point
A picture of a bike inside a blue rectangle A white rectangle containing an arrow bending to the left with a red horizontal line above it with the words Except Buses, an arrow pointing up and an arrow pointing up with an arrow pointing to the right sticking out of it. A blue rectangle containing three diagonal lines next to a blue rectangle containing twodiagonal lines next to a blue rectangle containing one diagonal line
Recommended route for pedal cycles
Appropriate traffic lanes at junction ahead
'Countdown' markers at exit from motorway (each bar represents 100 yards to the exit). Green-backed markers may be used on primary routes and white-backed markers with black bars on other routes. At approaches to concealed level crossings white-backed markers with red bars may be used. Although these will be erected at equal distances the bars do not represent 100 yard intervals.
A white rectangle containing a red outlined circle with a blue fill with a red diagonal line through it below the words Controlled ZONE and above the words Mon - Fri 8.30am - 6.30pm. Saturday 8.30am - 1.30pm A white rectangle containing the words Zone ends below a grey outlined circle with a diagonal line through it, with four black diagonal lines through it A picture of a bus with the word local on its side, a picture of a bus and the word taxi in the top left corner of a blue square with a diagonal dotted line dividing it A picture of a bus, an arrow pointing left and the word Bus lane inside a white rectangle  
Entrance to controlled parking zone
End of controlled parking zone
With-flow bus lane ahead which pedal cycles and taxis may also use
Bus lane on road at junction ahead




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